216 Parachute Signal Squadron
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Bernie Thomas & Ian Greene

Bournmouth March 1955


A Bridge Too Far!

John O'Rourke & Jimmy Campbell on the left

Mick Waterworth on the right - both taken 1969 on R&R from Ex Allegro - Germany


Danny Harewood & Keith Weller - Hankley Common

Dave Kennington & Geordie Earl - Bahrain 1964

Dave Kennington, Brian Earl, Dave Harvey & Phil Stallard - Kenya 1964

Dougie Wright, Vic Zimmer, Harry Maddison, Brian Earl & Dave Kennington - Bahrain



Geordie Hutchings, Mick Davis, Sammy Rollings, Noddy Irwin



Geordie Wilson, Keith Weller, Ralph & Phil Smith

John Bailey & Dave Harvey - Norway 1975