216 Parachute Signal Squadron
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John Tovey (JT), Steve Marshall, Mick Nash, Dick Hamilton and Jim Campbell - The Grosvenor Aldershot around 1970

Dougie Wright, Bob Hutchings, Harry Maddison, Geordie Earl & Dave Kennington

Jimmy Campbell in the centre

Inspection by the Brigade Commander , Harry Maddison, Phil Kirk and Mat McBirney well to the foreground

Dave Ayres, Jock Bailey, Noddy Irwin, Geoff Tiddiman, Connie Francis and Sammy Rollings

Pete Bosworth & Friends

Pat Drennan, BD Tizzard, Scouse Riley, Tom Williams & Pete Bosworth

Chris Bosworth, Ron Gee, Ron Hart & Tom Williams

Doug Baikie, John Tovey, Alan Hogg, Bernie Thomas and Hugh Smith. Seated: Keith Weller, John Angus and Geordie Wilson

R & R Ex Allegro Germany 1967

Ray Cardwell and Steve Marshall - Publicity shot Cyprus 1971