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Rex Couch, Mick Mandy, (unknown), Ron Hart, Mick Symonds & Brummy Watkiss just before leaving for Bahrain 1961

Harry Maddison, Dougie Wright, Dave Kennington and Brian Earl.  Bahrain early 60's.  Vic Zimmer in foreground

Pete Bosworth, Tom Williams, Ron Gee & Pete Bibby.  Having a hard time in Lybia - 1960.  Ron Hart in front

Peter Manuel, Harry Ruff, Fred Smith & Dick Kemp, Jordan 1958

HM The Queen & HRH The Duke of Edinburgh review 16 Para Bde on Long Valley 1967. BBC Birmingham Brigade Commander, Brigadier Anthony Farrar-Hockley, accompanies

Steve Marshall and Jimmy Campbell - Turkey 1974


The webmasters circa 1970

Geordie Perks, Dave Tomlinson, Unknown, John Bailes, ? Macintyre, Mick Seery, Geoff Tiddiman, Bob Mills & Connie Francis

Lairg DZ 1970 - Ray Marshall, Bernie Thomas, Jim Harris, Dick Hamilton, Al Jeanette, Adrian Rogers, Sandy Shaw & Al Blood

Jake Wade & Keith Weller - Turkey 1966