216 Parachute Signal Squadron
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Jeb Pratt, Dougie Baikie & Sammy Rollings Cyprus 1972

SSgt Dougie Baike, Sgts Dick Hamilton & Steve Marshall Turkey 1974

Matt Macbirney and Dick Hamilton somewhere exotic circa 1972

Wo2 (YofS) George Devine, Sgt Billy Adam and Wo1 (FofS) Dave Harvey

Brian Bradbury, Rod Cunningham, Ted Monaghan & Burmmie Robson - Ellis Barracks, Farnborough 1963

Clive Sullivan & Jock Dalzeil Cyprus 1964.  Clive was a quality rugby player who went on to captain Hull Kingston Rovers in the early '70s

Dennis Devey Cyprus 1964

Don McIntosh Cyprus 1964

RQMS Bill Duke Cyprus 1964

Cyprus 1964 - Harry Houston extreme left and Don McIntosh extreme right (3 x REME blokes in middle)