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Matt Mcbirney and Pete Thornton enjoying the night life of Singapore many more years ago than they would care to remember!.  The bandage on Matt is the result of a scuffle with a large bouncer - Pete says he managed to avoid him by duckin' and divin' and thus, kept his looks!

Hugh Smith and Dougie Baikie


Greece 1964 - Ray Duffell, Ron Hart & Phil Daniels

Keith Weller circa 1969

Les Lawbuary, Jimmy Campbell & Geordie Wilson - Libya 1968

Pete Bibby, Ron Hart & Taff Williams - Libya 1964

Rigging Team at Watchfield, from the left; Jess Harper, Jinx Jenkins, Ray (Paddy) Cardwell, Ron Hart and Ginge Demain.

Neil (Wee Mac) MacDonald Maida on P Coy..early 60s

Rear Link Det 3 Para 1961 - from left, 2IC 3 Para, Rex Couch and Ron Hart

From the 'Lost & Found' Section.  Now we're getting somewhere - (thanks to Dickie Hudd).  RON TASKER in front of a C119.  To his right kneeling second row very light face DAVE REDWIN.  To Ron's left kneeling at the end KENNY COOMBER.  Standing; behind Ron (right shoulder forward with DZ Flash) TAFFY MATTHIAS.  To Taffy's right DICKIE HUDD directly in front of the door.  Standing behind Kenny Coomber - ? HARRIS.  Next to him (on his right) CLAUDE MELODY.  Taken around 1956