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Jimmy Campbell | jjc216~AT~talk21~DOT~com
I have been asked by the family to inform you of the death earlier this year of Margaret Devine, beloved wife of George who passed away some years ago. I remember Margaret well as a very proud and supportive Airborne wife. RIP Margaret xx
Sunday 22 September2019 - Burton on Trent

Mark Oldham | moldham62~AT~hotmail~DOT~co~DOT~uk
I am saddened to hear that Richard Appleton had passed away. I have fond memories of Richard who I got to know through Bill Creswick. The last time I saw Richard was at Bills funeral, Bill passed away January 2017. I fondly remember Richard reading the names out at Caythorpe church of the fallen.
Sunday 15 September2019 - Bradmore, Nottingam

Norman(Norrie) Horton | norman~DOT~horton3~AT~ntlworld~DOT~com
Hi all, have not been on our web site for some weeks. I was in hospital for some time with chronic constipation! sounds funny but it's not. I lost a lot of weight with the treatment and b awful hospital food. Good news about Lee. Sad to hear that Dave French has gone to the big DZ RIP Dave. Will not be going to Caythorpe this time as am trying to get some fitness back. Anyway have a great time to those who are
Monday 2 September2019 - Darlington

Webmaster comments   Good to hear from you Norrie, sorry to hear about your troubles.

David FOX | ddf216~AT~aol~DOT~com
must have I bit of you in him bill, great news
Friday 16 August2019 - uk

Alan Hogg | alan~DOT~hogg2~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
Great news Nod
Monday 5 August2019 - Pateley Bridge

Terry Brown | terryvivbrown~AT~virginmedia~DOT~com
Great news Noddy, hope everything goes well for his future, and yours of course.
Monday 5 August2019 - Whitley Bay

Noddy Irwin | tonymidge~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Final update on Lee,He has just been signed off by his Neuro surgeon and needs no more treatment.He was shown his brain scan and had 8 bleeds on the brain and his Dr said his recovery is nothing short of a miracle. Back to work next week but being fazed in 3 days a week also gets his driving licence back from DVLA so all is well.He hopes to join me at next reunion to say thanks.Finaly,from Midge and me thanks a million for your support and kind words and will see you all next year "God willing" Thankyou Nod & MIDGE
Sunday 4 August2019 - Southport

Webmaster comments   Great news both and yes we will see you next year.

Alan Hogg | alan~DOT~hogg2~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
Friday 2 August2019 - Pateley Bridge

Keith Weller | keith~AT~keithweller~DOT~plus~DOT~com


On behalf of the 216 (Para) Sig Sqn Officers and Warrant Officers I would like to invite you all to join us at the Airborne Signals Officers’ Dinner Night on 7 Nov 19 in Merville Barracks, Colchester. Please accept this email as a Warning Order for your calendars – a more formal invitation with further detail will follow in due course. As you are aware, this is a particularly special year as we remember our forefathers who served in Normandy and Arnhem and prepare to celebrate the Corps centenary. It would be fantastic for us to host as many of you as possible.

We work hard to iteratively expand and update our airborne signals distribution list but recognise that this is an unending task. If you know of any of our number who are either absent from this distribution, or whose details have changed, I would welcome updates so we can maintain our database for future events.

I look forward to sharing a beer with you in November.


Thursday 1 August2019 - Worcestershire

Brian Earl | earlbrian933~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Neil I think you are on the wrong Seth Williams and the one we are trying to find out about has not passed away as far as we know.
Thursday 1 August2019 - Ryton. Tyne&Wear

Alex Wilson | agw216~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Just found on another website of the passing of Les Lawbury in hospital Spain .RIP Les.really lovely man.
Thursday 1 August2019 - Lesta

Webmaster comments   Thanks Alex - Very sad news again. RIP Les

Just as a foot note, Les died in hospital on the 11th July, age 85. He first served in the Squadron in 1951 and again in 1968 leaving to take up a post as a PSI with 63 SAS in Southampton. He retired to Spain some 15 years ago and spent most of his spare time on amateur radio, a keen member of the RSARS.

Ralph Porter | ralph~DOT~porter~AT~216parasigs~DOT~org~DOT~uk
I have been informed Cecil Williams first name when in the Squadron was Robertson same time as Bill Irwin
Monday 29 July2019 - uk

Ralph Porter | ralph~DOT~porter~AT~216parasigs~DOT~org~DOT~uk
Cecil Williams was in the Sqn late fifties early sixties but under a different name of Robinson, he has attended most of the reunions and Caythorpe. Hope this sheds some light to others
Thursday 25 July2019 - uk

Brian Earl | earlbrian933~AT~gmail~DOT~com
There is a L/Cpl Williams on the July 1963 Squadron photo is this the Seth Williams we are talking about?
Sunday 21 July2019 - Ryton. Tyne&Wear

Eric Richards | erichards1 ~AT~sky~DOT~com
Hi Keith any info on Seth
Friday 19 July2019 - Tamworth

Webmaster comments   Unfortunately not

Keith Weller | keith~AT~keithweller~DOT~plus~DOT~com
Sad News - Dave French who served in the Squadron during 1957 (Jordan) died at the weekend. Details to follow but I understand Dave lived in Leicestershire.
Wednesday 17 July2019 - Worcestershire

Chris WHITE | chris~DOT~debs~AT~hotmail~DOT~co~DOT~uk
Is this the Black guy who lost his wife a couple of years ago. Always came to Caythorpe. Noticed he was not there last year. Smashing man. Chris
Wednesday 17 July2019 - Llanelly Hill

Brian Earl | earlbrian933~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Keith the name Seth Williams rings a bell when did he serve in the Squadron?
Monday 15 July2019 - Ryton. Tyne&Wear

Webmaster comments   Please note Johns comment - that's all the information we have

John & Lynn Bailey | Baileylynn874~AT~aol~DOT~com
Hi Keith

This was passed to me by sister in law to post on site. It was posted originally by Parachute Regt Association I have no other info but said I would pass on.

Hi All
while at Eden Camp yesterday, I had a call from the son of 216 Vet, Cecil (Ceth) Williams, Ex 216 Signals, to say that he is going through as difficult time right now.
His son is asking for help in as much as he feels he needs some Airborne input from his old mates.
He was/is a member of the Chesterfield branch of the PRA and I have spoken with their secretary who is contacting his son.
He lives in Eckington Derbyshire on edge of Sheffield and I will visit him today and try to cheer him up and ascertain what problems he may have that we can help with.
Sunday 14 July2019 - Hereford

Gus Emery | kenemery~AT~btopenworld~DOT~com
Hello all, just spent a great weekend at Aldershot for the unveiling of the Airborne Soldier Statue, and the taking part in the March past. It was great to see so many veterans from the whole brigade and especially all of those from 216 who turned up to march. The sight we saw as we turned out of Hospital Hill and looking up the street of all the maroon beret's marching was awesome. The downside was that I have never marched around Aldershot so long without stopping at a pub. This however was rectified by Rex Couch, Pete Bibby and myself as soon as we were dismissed. Congratulations must be given to all those who organised the event especially the Aldershot Para Reg Branch. The Statue is well worth a visit for those who missed it.
Friday 12 July2019 - Hampshire

Bernie McDonough | bbgonebiking~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Having attended the unveiling of the Airborne Soldier statue in Aldershot it was a pleasure to see so many of 216 present including many old friends. What a great day!
Sunday 7 July2019 - Horsham West Sussex

Rex Couch | rexcouch~AT~talktalk~DOT~net
Noddy, just got home from holiday and read the great news about Lee recovering so well. I will try to watch Ambulance on catch up. Best wishes to you all.
Thursday 27 June2019 - Birmingham

Norman(Norrie) Horton | norman~DOT~horton3~AT~ntlworld~DOT~com
Great to hear your son is doing well Noddy. We wish him a speedy recovery, Norman and Mavis
Tuesday 25 June2019 - Darlington

John Duffy | annejohnduffy~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Best wishes Lee in your full recovery-
Leave the biking to the rockers and do what all 3 Para lads are good at- TABBING!!
I will be attending the Aldershot event and also going to Arnhem for the 75th anniversary with the Chelmsford branch of thr P.R.A
Wednesday 19 June2019 - Clacton-on-sea Essex

Webmaster comments   So far we have Jacko, Bernie Thomas, Ralphie Porter, Sid James and Phil Kirk, Jim Turner, Berni McDonough, Chris White, Rex Couch, Gus Emery, Pete Bibby and John Duffy

Chris WHITE | chris~DOT~debs~AT~hotmail~DOT~co~DOT~uk
Well pleased to hear of your sons improvement Noddy all best wishes that it continues.
I will be attending the event in Aldershot. I'm not sure if Tom Moorhouse will be coming as he has a golf tour to Scotland the week after.
I will be driving up to the Shot on the day from Bournemouth so can anyone suggest a reasonable car park in the town centre.
Wednesday 19 June2019 - Llanelly Hill

Webmaster comments   Have you moved Chris....

Phil Kirk | philkirk~AT~me~DOT~com
I will be in Aldershot on Friday 5th of July if we are meeting for a beer (or two)email me. Or call on 07802 683910
Tuesday 18 June2019 - Rustington

Webmaster comments   If you are going please let us know - was it the Grovenor in our day.

Pete bibby | Peter-pambibby~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Hi Noddy,great news to hear that your son is making good recovery following his accident. We will be watching the program. Pete and Pam Bibby
Monday 17 June2019 - Essex

Noddy Irwin | tonymidge~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
The program with Lee is called Ambulance north west on BBC 1 at 9pm 20th June.Thanks Terry & Alan.
Monday 17 June2019 - Southport

Alan Hogg | alan~DOT~hogg2~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
Great news Nod
Monday 17 June2019 - Pateley Bridge

Terry Brown | terryvivbrown~AT~virginmedia~DOT~com
Hello Noddy, thats wonderful news. Will certainly watch the programme. He will get stronger from day to day. Great.
Sunday 16 June2019 - Whitley Bay

Noddy Irwin | tonymidge~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
In Feb my son Lee had a very serious motor cycle accident, he was the only person involved.After 10 weeks in hospital he is now thankfully almost back to normal. He is currently in Spain for a few days then back to work part time to start with. On Thursday 20th he is on the t.v. program air ambulance at 9 pm.Thankyou again for all your support in the early days it helped Midge and myself such alot THANK YOU.
Sunday 16 June2019 - Southport

Webmaster comments   Great news Noddy

Dave Jackson | davejack2169~AT~gmail~DOT~com
I will be attending Aldershot event and looking forward to meeting up with old friends. Dave (Jacko)
Tuesday 11 June2019 - Aldershot

Webmaster comments   Good to hear from you Jacko - It might be helpful if you are attending you let us know. So far we have Jacko, Ralphie Porter, Sid James and Phil Kirk, Jim Turner, Berni McDonough, Chris White, Rex Couch, Gus Emery and Pete Bibby - Anymore ???

Keith Weller | keith~AT~keithweller~DOT~plus~DOT~com
Maj Gen William Thomson (Bill) Macfarlane CB

It is with deep regret we announce the death of Gen Bill who died peacefully on 14 April this year, we understand he was cremated at a very low key family service at a local crematorium. A Memorial Service has been arranged for him and this will take place at the RMAS Chapel on Mon 01 Jul at 14.30. Peter Whitehead will be attending the service and can represent us if needed.

Any others wishing to attend this service will need to inform RHQ R Signals by 21 Jun on the following email address :


Tuesday 4 June2019 - Worcestershire

Norman(Norrie) Horton | norman~DOT~horton3~AT~ntlworld~DOT~com
Hope you all have agreat time this coming weekend (5-7 June). Unfortunately I have some health issues and cannot attend. Hope to attend Caythorpe with Mavis, health and transport permitting
Tuesday 4 June2019 - Darlington

Webmaster comments   Get swell soon Norie

Keith Weller | keith~AT~keithweller~DOT~plus~DOT~com

Tickets will be available for advance booking only for 2 – 3 June. This is to provide a better customer experience in the days leading up to the Daks Over Duxford event. The museum will be running as normal.

Flying display, parachute jumps and on the ground activities will occur only during the Daks Over Duxford event (4 – 5 June) for which special tickets can be purchased.
4 June 2019

For all on line details and bookings see:


4 June

· IWM Duxford gates open 10am
· 10am-6pm Large WW2 airborne exhibition (AirSpace Conservation Hall)
· 10am-6pm 16th Air Assault brigade display and demonstrations
· 11am-12.30pm Air Display: 4-ship formations, Single DC-3 Demo, Free-fall parachute teams
· 12.30pm -1.30pm Air Display D-Day aircraft parade
· 2.30-3.30pm Round canopy parachute drop (220 parachutes)
· 4pm-4.30pm Air Display D-Day aircraft parade
· Gates close 6pm

5 June 2019

· IWM Duxford gates open 10am
· 10am-6pm Large WW2 airborne exhibition (AirSpace Conservation Hall)
· 10am-6pm 16th Air Assault brigade display and demonstrations
· 1.40pm – 2.10pm Take-off all aircraft formations
· 2.10pm-2.15pm Mass formation over IWM Duxford heading off to Normandy
· 2.15pm-2.45pm D-Day aircraft parade
· Gates close 6pm

Advanced tickets only
Book online today to be a part of this special one-off commemorative D-Day 75 event.
2-3 June 2019 tickets: Book Now using link above
4-5 June 2019 tickets: Book Now using link above
Line up subject to change and all confirmed flying is subject to weather and serviceability on the day.

Friday 31 May2019 - Worcestershire

Ralph Porter | ralph~DOT~porter~AT~216parasigs~DOT~org~DOT~uk
I am attending Aldershot, There will be a lot from the 5 Airborne 216 lads
Thursday 23 May2019 - england

ralph porter | ralph~DOT~porter~AT~216parasigs~DOT~org~DOT~uk
we will be there looking forward to seeing everybody.theres a lot of 5 airborne 216 lads going as well
Monday 20 May2019 - uk

Keith Weller | keith~AT~keithweller~DOT~plus~DOT~com

"This is to confirm that the dates for the next Reunion are Friday 5th - Sunday 7th June 2020. I would suggest that anyone requiring a room should ring "THE HOLIDAY INN" asap on 01226 299571 quoting "AIRBORNE SIGNALS WEEKEND" with the dates. If when you telephone the Holiday Inn all the rooms are booked please ask the staff to book you a room at the IBIS Styles Barnsley Hotel. As no doubt some of you are aware the IBIS is on the roundabout about half a mile away. I have had it confirmed that if you do this they will ensure that you get the same rates as the Holiday Inn £50.00 for a double or twin and £40.00 for a single. However, if you decide to book direct with the IBIS (Tel: 01226 729930) the same rates cannot be guaranteed. Please remember to ask for confirmation of booking if you are in the IBIS.

The letter with the proforma for choice of meals etc will be coming to you all within the next few weeks and will include all of this information. We are very grateful to Ann Kelly who has agreed to give us the dinner and the rooms at the same price as 2018.

Incidentally, if anyone has changed their address please let me know as soon as possible so that the database can be amended prior to the letter going to print.

Looking forward to seeing you all in 2020. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me either by email stan216@btinternet.com or 01432 850045.

Stan Stanley"

Saturday 4 May2019 - Worcestershire

Jim Turner | jd~DOT~turner~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
I will be attending the event in Aldershot on the 6th July and look forward to joining the 216 contingent on the parade
Tuesday 30 April2019 - Newbury Berks

Webmaster comments   Good to hear from you Jim

Dave Jackson | davejack2169~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Hi guys. Had an email from John and Lynn Bailey saying I have Been hacked. Is anyone else aware of this. Have emailed John and Lynn to see if this email is genuine. Thanks guys .Dave (Jacko)
Monday 29 April2019 - Aldershot

Keith Weller | keith~AT~keithweller~DOT~plus~DOT~com
King Edward V11's Hospital for Vetrans' Health - Please see PDF in our News Letters page, it may be of help to you.
Monday 29 April2019 - Worcestershire

jake wade | robertwade16~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Alas We are on holiday the 1st week in July. Already paid for,but hope everything goes well on the day.
Wednesday 24 April2019 - The Black Country

Brian Earl | earlbrian933~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Sorry I won't be at Aldershot for the unveiling of the statue but it is a bit too far to travel and as I will be going to Caythorpe and Arnhem in September that's about all I can Manage.
Tuesday 23 April2019 - Ryton. Tyne&Wear

Wee mac | macdonald508~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
Sorry men we will not be able to attend the Aldershot event due to family holidays. Just “A SMIDGE TOO FAR” excuse the pun. Be thinking of you guys on the day. Awrrabest!!!
Monday 22 April2019 - Scotland

Bernie McDonough | bbgonebiking~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
I’ll be attending the parade at Aldershot on 6th July. So looking forward to marching with 216 again.
Thursday 18 April2019 - Horsham West Sussex

Chris White | chris~DOT~debs~AT~hotmail~DOT~co~DOT~uk
I will be attending the Aldershot event. All being well will give Tom Moorhouse a lift. Chris
Wednesday 17 April2019 - Llanelly Hill

Webmaster comments   Good to hear from you Chris, hopefully see you on the day.

Rex Couch | rexcouch~AT~talktalk~DOT~net
Myself, Gus Emery and Pete Bibby will be attending the Aldershot Event and looking forward to parading as 216 Sqn., again.
Tuesday 16 April2019 - Birmingham

Webmaster comments   Great lads, now up to Five. I took a look at the Travelodge and Premier Inn but both are fully booked

Keith Weller | keith~AT~keithweller~DOT~plus~DOT~com
Aldershot 6th July – I had a phone call from Ralphie Smith yesterday confirming his attendance on the 6th July. Although not a bad operator he hasn’t got to grips with computers yet but tells me he is working on it with his kids or was it his grand children. Ralphie is still living in “The Shot” and is looking forward to meeting all those that attend the celebrations. For those needing accommodation he suggest the Travelodge and Premier Inn might be a good start.

Our next reunion in Barnsley is on the 5th – 7th June 2020, accommodation is booking up fast – The Holiday Inn on 01226 299571.
Tuesday 16 April2019 - Worcestershire

Norman (norrie) Horton | norman~DOT~horton3~AT~ntlworld~DOT~com
Aldershot - Wish I was fit enough. It should be great!
Sunday 14 April2019 - Darlington

Sid James | garybirgit~AT~hotmail~DOT~co~DOT~uk
I will be attending this land mark occasion at the "shot" and the opportunity to March through as a Squadron would be a great honour. We would not only be establishing the "216 Sig Sqn Airborne" was here, but we would also be honouring the memories of our mates and comrades who have gone before. I'm in who else??
Thursday 11 April2019 - Cider Country

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