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John & Lynn Bailey | Baileylynn874~AT~aol~DOT~com
So sorry to hear of Scouse passing was quite the joker especially after a few sherbets. A good guy RIP.
Tuesday 19 November2019 - Hereford

Alan Hogg | alan~DOT~hogg2~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
Not sure how many of you knew him but I understand that Alex Kubu, Royal Signals has died. Big friendly large-as-life man from Fiji.
Tuesday 19 November2019 - Pateley Bridge

Brian Earl | earlbrian933~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Sorry to hear about Scouce RIP
Tuesday 19 November2019 - Ryton. Tyne&Wear

Larry cardwell | Davidcardwell399~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
Sad to hear the news about Scouse McKee. He was a smashing footballer, boxer and all round sportsman as well as being an excellent soldier. Rest-in-Peace Scouse and our deepest condolences to his family. God Bless You Airborne Brother.
Tuesday 19 November2019 - Longside Aberdeenshire

Bernie McDonough | bbgonebiking~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
So sad about Scouse. I knew him when he joined Iron Troop in Denbury then on to 216.
Monday 18 November2019 - Horsham West Sussex

Mick (Taff) Finn | exparasig~AT~hotmail~DOT~co~DOT~uk
Really sad to hear about the passing of Scouse, such a good soldier, Good friend will be sadly missed. RIP Scouse
Monday 18 November2019 - Wrexham

Gus Hartley | Gushartley~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Very sorry to hear of the death of Scouse, a good man with wicked wit, you will be missed - RIP.
Monday 18 November2019 - Darwen

Gary Denham | garydenham06~AT~icloud~DOT~com
Very sad news about Scouse . yet another taken far too early. RIP mate!
Monday 18 November2019 - Devon

Dave Finer | davefiner216~AT~gmail~DOT~com
So sad to hear about Scouse McKee. Fond memories .RIP Scouse. Saki
Monday 18 November2019 - Hart Village Hartlepool

p m pritchard | pritch087~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Scouse Mckee,good sportsman, good soldier, good for a laugh. R.I.P Scouse.
Monday 18 November2019 - Dewsbury

Dave Jackson | davejack2169~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Very sad to learn of the passing of Scouse McKee. RIP airborne brother.
Monday 18 November2019 - Aldershot

Alan Hogg | alan~DOT~hogg2~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
Sad to hear about Scouse, tough, fit man. RIP mate
Sunday 17 November2019 - Pateley Bridge

Phil Kirk | philkirk~AT~me~DOT~com
Phil, I have just found out that Scouse McKee passed away on Friday at 04.15. Very, very sad news. I will let know once the SAS Association issue details of his funeral etc. Peter
Sunday 17 November2019 - Rustington

Webmaster comments   More sad news - RIP Scouse

Brian Earl | earlbrian933~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Norman Hortons funeral is on the 25th November at 11.45 at Darlington Crematorium family flowers only donations to cancer research.
Thursday 14 November2019 - Ryton. Tyne&Wear

Webmaster comments   Thanks for letting us know Brian

Alan Hogg | alan~DOT~hogg2~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
Think Bob Grif might have some contacts Phil, I have emailed his contact details to you
Thursday 14 November2019 - Pateley Bridge

Phil Kirk | philkirk~AT~me~DOT~com
I have had a message from Jack Frost who has been advised by Huge Smith that Scouse McKee is really bad with Alzheimer and not expected to last much longer. Anyone know any more. I would like to visit him but I have no contacts. I believe that he lives in Hereford
Wednesday 13 November2019 - Rustington

Alan Hogg | alan~DOT~hogg2~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
Spoke to Roxanne,wondered why she didn't get info from Deanna and Nora? It's not our Harry, never thought he was called Henry unless he was leading a double life and was a Rupert in another world
Wednesday 13 November2019 - Pateley Bridge

Webmaster comments   Interesting, funny how we make assumptions and it seems logical that she should speak with Deanna.

Alan Hogg | alan~DOT~hogg2~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
Hi Roxanne, Harry was a good friend, looked after me when I joined the squadron as an 18 year old Lcpl in 1966. Shortly after we both went off to Kenya with Guards Para. Wonderful honest straight man. Harry passed SAS selection after leaving the squadron and then served for many years in Hereford and eventually finished up back there working in the stores of Sterling Lines as a civilian. We both had married quarters in North Camp in the late sixties, I remember their pushchair was passed on to us, money being tight in those days. I remember seeing a newspaper article about an SAS crew who were on a desert island with a celeb (Samantha something or other) faces were blacked out but Harry's mug was pretty obvious. One of the best.
Tuesday 12 November2019 - Pateley Bridge

Keith Weller for Brain Earl | keith~AT~keithweller~DOT~plus~DOT~com
Norman (Norrie) Horton - Sad news once again, we understand Norrie died on the 5th November. More details to follow.
Tuesday 12 November2019 - Worcester

Webmaster comments   RIP Norrie

Brian Earl | earlbrian933~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Hi. Roxanne I knew your grandad well he was on my detatchment when we were in Bahrain with 3 Para in 1964 he was not only a Para he also was SAS.Look on the Aldershot years on this website and you will find quite a few photo's of us in Bahrain together. A good friend and a great man.
Tuesday 12 November2019 - Ryton. Tyne&Wear

Roxanne Maddison | Rmaddison6~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Hello, I hope someone can help. I am not sure if this is the correct page but can anyone remember my grandad James Henry Maddison (Harry) He has been gone a while now but I have been telling my daughter all about why she is named Poppy. I have been showing her pictures of him and she is amazed that he was in the Paras. Has anyone got any memories of him? Thanks in advance x
Monday 11 November2019 - Aldershot

Webmaster comments   Hello Roxanne, nice to hear from you. I'm sure lots of guys will remember your Grandad and have stories. I remember him well but will contact you off-line with a couple of photographs.

Dave Finer | davefiner216~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Good turnout at Billy Munro's funeral in Darlo yesterday.216 well represented! Nice to catch up with everyone.Rest in Peace Billy. Saki
Saturday 9 November2019 - Hartlepool

Alan Hogg | alan~DOT~hogg2~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
Hi Catherine, sorry that I can't make it tomorrow. I would hope that your Dad has the sort of turnout so well-earned by each and every member of 216. RIP Billy
Thursday 7 November2019 - Pateley Bridge

Catherine Munro MBE | cathmunro~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Dear All - Update on my Father's Funeral - The Northern Echo have published the wrong date and hopefully will be publishing a correction on Tuesday - (human error happens and they missed the day out) - Can I ask that we put the word out as far as we can in case people read the Northern Echo and think the date has changed.Ö It hasn't - My Dads final parade will be 08 November 2019 (and not 19 Nov as published by the Northern Echo) - Thank you - (I know my Dad will be laughing at this :)
Sunday 3 November2019 - Peterborough

Jake Wade | robertwade16~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Sad to hear of Billy Munro`s Death. Another Airborne Warrior Gone.I will certainly raise a Glass to Him.
Sunday 3 November2019 - Walsall

WO2 Catherine Munro MBE AGC (SPS) | cathmunro~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Final Parade of SSgt William (Billy / Jock) Munro
My Dads Final Parade will take place at Darlington Crematorium (Carmel Road, Darlington DL3 8RY) on Friday 08 Nov 19 commencing at 1445 hrs.
This will be followed by Drinks at one of his favourite haunts - the Navy Club (211 Northgate, Darlington, DL1 1UF)
As a family - we know of his love and dedication to his "Brothers from Other Mothers and Sisters From Other Misters" his Military Family, and we would welcome anyone who wishes to join us in celebrating his life.
We also ask that donations in lieu of flowers (or indeed the traditional Christmas Cards) be sent to the Royal Corps of Signals Association or the Parachute Regiment Association.
For those not able to attend - I hope you will join us in spirit and raise a Glass at 1800 hrs wherever you are in the world.

I am honoured to take the role of "Parade Sgt Major" on behalf of our family as we send him on his final posting. His assignment to the most Northern Battalion where I know our Mum will be waiting with a wee dram in her hand.
Thank you everyone for the kind messages - and please know you will be welcome should you be able to join us xx
Certa Cito

Monday 28 October2019 - Peterborough

Alan Hogg | alan~DOT~hogg2~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
RIP Billy, remember you from quarters in North Camp. You got a slap for letting me take the brand new digital Racal home to Willems Park for some Radio Ham work
Friday 25 October2019 - Pateley Bridge

Alan Hogg | alan~DOT~hogg2~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
Thanks for the excellent entry re Mick's funeral Ian, he truly deserved such a send off. Wish I could have been there. RIP Mick
Thursday 24 October2019 - Pateley Bridge

Catherine Munro MBE | cathmunro~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
To announce the passing of my dad SSgt Billy Munro, who passed away peacefully on 22 Oct 19 in Darlington. I am currently coming to terms with his passing but will post the details of his final parade once they are confirmed. Thank you for the messages of support - he was a great man who will be missed by many xx (Cathy - 07786260988 if you wish to contact me for details)
Thursday 24 October2019 - Peterborough

Webmaster comments   Please accept my sincere condolences Cathy - I will miss his Christmas cards. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can help.

Noddy Irwin | tonymidge~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Billy and me were in the same barrack block in 2 T,R Catterick way back early 59 and we joined the Sqn about the same time.Bill was a typical Glaswegian and had a big heart.We kept in touch after the Army by landline about every 6 months.He would have been 79 last August I will miss the chats Billy R.I.P.
Thursday 24 October2019 - Southport

Terry Brown | terryvivbrown~AT~virginmedia~DOT~com
I was Billy's Troop Sgt in the 60's. Rest in Peace Billy. Always got a Xmas card from him.
Wednesday 23 October2019 - Whitley Bay

Ian Greene | greeianc~AT~aol~DOT~com
Another shock Billy. Didn't know him that well but sure he was at 'Big Mick's ' funeral up in Lossiemouth. Just want to echo and add to John Beattie's kind comments John having served in the Engineers TA after Mick finished with the regulars. I was one of approximately 50/60 ex 216 codgers paying their last respects to Mick all wearing our signals maroon berries with a lot of medals about. I knew about a dozen of the ex 216 with all the others being former comrades of Mick during different stages of his airborne career. Many tributes were paid to the big man not least the 50/60 of us lining the pathway into the church. The funeral entourage carrying Mick's coffin was led by current soldiers of 216 and they were immaculate in all they did. A memorable tribute from John Aspinall and among others Mick's young grandson wearing a maroon beret.A piper played as Mick left the church and again at the internment where again the 216 lads were brilliant. The mourners were in the hundreds in addition to us and it made me feel very proud to have been a member of 216 while all to readily aware that there were many others who would have liked to have been alongside us. A wonderful privilege to have been there paying tribute to the big fellah.
Wednesday 23 October2019 - Liverpool

Webmaster comments   A fine tribute to a great guy.

Pete pritchard | pritch087~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
I have just been informed of the passing away of Billy Monroe, member of 216 in the 60s. No details as yet of his internment.
Tuesday 22 October2019 - Dewsbury

Webmaster comments   More sad news - RIP Billy

John Beattie | jpstsjl~AT~aol~DOT~com
Having just attended the funeral of my former SSM Willie Granitza, I would just like to comment that my fellow sappers and I were very impressed with the send off your group gave to our collective friend. After driving home I have raised my glass to Willie who Iím sure is having a laugh with many lads at the squadron bar. Ubique
Friday 18 October2019 - Scotland

John duffy | jackieduffy20~AT~hotmail~DOT~co~DOT~uk
Anne and I send our Deepest condolences to the Granitza Family upon the passing of Mick. I was really shocked when I heard, as I was talking to him by the D2 at Arnhem on the 75th Anniversary recently.
I remember his first day in the SQN when he was detailed to help me and Geordie Wilson clean out the sports store at Arnhem Bk. A great intro to Airborne life!!
Unfortunately I will not be able to make Elgin as I have had recent Heart Surgery but I will be there in Sprit.
Thursday 17 October2019 - Essex

Alan Hogg | alan~DOT~hogg2~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
Can't make the funeral, we always managed to have time together at every reunion big man, I won't ever forget you
Wednesday 16 October2019 - Pateley Bridge

Dave Finer | davefiner216~AT~gmail~DOT~com
It is with great regret that I will be unable to attend big Willie's funeral on friday as we are in the process of moving house.Our sincere condolences to Mick's family and best wishes to all of the 216Family on the day. Saki
Tuesday 15 October2019 - Hartlepool

Dave Parker | Watcot~AT~aim~DOT~com
Just read an article in the Express about a James Coffey who is having a hard time with terminal prostate cancer and his house burgled. This must be the same man we served with in the sixties. I was devastated to hear about the death of Willie Granitza and echo all the sincere condolencies received.
Tuesday 15 October2019 - Halifax

Garry irons | Garryirons~AT~icloud~DOT~com
My mum mike granitzas partner has a room at premier inn available if anyone would like to use it Thursday fri for mikes funeral , thanks boys 07453273217
Saturday 12 October2019 - Elgin

Tony Warren (Bones) | awarren2~AT~sky~DOT~com
Re: Funeral in Elgin. I live in Bishop Auckland, Co.Durham now. Is there anyone going from my area or maybe travelling A1M/M1 that I can meet up with at a convenient location on the way, to travel up with & share travel costs?
Saturday 12 October2019 - County Durham.

Dave Jackson | davejackson216~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Really saddened to learn of Willie Gís passing. He was a gentle giant with a passion for life serving in 216. Willie you will be sadly missed but never ever forgotten. Condolences to Willieís family. Having op on 11th but will make effort to attend. R.I.P Willie Dave(Jacko)
Wednesday 9 October2019 - Aldershot

ian kendall
Keith dont realy know how this web things works but will definatly be going.
Monday 7 October2019

Ricky Richardson | george291~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
"Geez a drank o'ya tea Ricky" he would say, I'd hand him my mug, he takes a sip, spits it out, throws the rest away and says "That's the worrst cup o' tea I've ever tasted". Made a man of me that did. RIP Mick, it was an Honour to have served with you. The teas are on me the next time we meet.
Monday 7 October2019 - Peterborough

Billy Haslam | billhaslam~AT~yahoo~DOT~co~DOT~uk
I can only echo the sentiments already expressed. I shared so many unique experiences with him, be it a Sim 31 or 3 man snow hole or a 500W generator we just happened to be chained to. He loved everything associated with 216 and its history. A giant in every way. Now sitting with our other icons at Valhalla's top table.
Rest in peace We will remember you.
Monday 7 October2019 - Northampton

Peter Whitehead | peter~DOT~whitehead48~AT~live~DOT~co~DOT~uk
A really good man who will be sadly missed by all. He was so proud to be part of the airborne fraternity. God speed.
Monday 7 October2019 - Bredon, Worcestershire

Andy Mount (Mounty)
R.I.P. Willie G. - An inspiration that will live on forever.
Sunday 6 October2019

Nick Nielsen | nick~DOT~nielsen~AT~aol~DOT~com
Iím heartbroken to hear of Mickís passing, my condolences to his family.
Big Willy weíll meet again at RV of the final DZ
Sunday 6 October2019 - Aldershot

Jimmy Campbell | jjc216~AT~talk21~DOT~com
Due to an Airborne related event I am unable to host our commitment at the NMA this year. If you are planning to attend on 10th Nov, please let me know if I can do anything to help with your visit
Sunday 6 October2019 - Burton on Trent

Gary Denham | garydenham06~AT~icloud~DOT~com
Sad and shocked to hear the news that Big Willie has passed away. A genuine "one-off" . airborne to the core and a true comrade always willing to lend a hand. Whenever his name is mentioned I hear the words he directed to me so many times . "bloody footballer's" always said with a lovely mix of ambivalence and affection which makes me smile today as much as it did so many years ago . you'll be sorely missed big fella RIP.
Sunday 6 October2019 - Devon

Keith Weller | keith~AT~keithweller~DOT~plus~DOT~com
Mick Granitza - The family of Mick Granitza have requested assistance from Mike's Old Airborne comrades on the day of his funeral, which is being provisionaly planned for Friday 18 October 2019.(This date is not confirmed so stand by for confirmation or new date)

216 OCA Tasks:

1. Mikes house to mainroad(approx 300yds): OCA Standard Bearer leading Two single files of 5 men each file, one either side of the hearse, slow march to main road then fallout and make way to church. On arrival at the church form up with main body to salute coffin being carried into church. Dress: Blazer, white or light blue shirt, Squadron tie, Maroon beret, medals.

2. Hearse to church : Coffin Bearers x 6 , pick up coffin from hearse and carry into church. No headress.

3. Church back out to hearse: Coffin Bearers x 6 , pick up coffin from inside church and carry and place in hearse. No headress.

4. Old Comrades not involved with carrying the coffin are requested to form up and come to attention and salute on arrival of the coffin and follow behind it into the church.

5.Cemetary - arrival of the hearse to the grave: Coffin Bearers x 6 , pick up coffin from hearse and carry to the grave, lower the coffin onto the wooden rods across the grave, then step back to allow family members to lower the cffin into the grave. No headress.

6. The plan for the carrying of the coffin has been split into 3 groups to enable all who wish to carry Mike on his last journey. I think Mikeís family would appreciate a group from each of 16 Para Bde, 5 Airborne Bde and 2 Para Rear Link(Falklands), but all depends on who can make it on the day. Please give Ray Duffy our 216 OCA Secretary a call if you would like to be a bearer.

7. The wake after the funeral will take place at the LAICHMORAY HOTEL in Elgin.

8. Details and updates will be put on the web site as they develop.

John Aspinall
Sunday 6 October2019 - Worcester

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