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Rex Couch | Rexcpuch~AT~talktalk~DOT~net
Ron, didn't know you were working on a by pass. Hope you get it finished in time for Caythorpe as I would really like to catch up with you again. Seriously Ron take care. Best wishes from Ann too.
Thursday 1 September2016 - Birmingham

Keith Weller | keith~AT~keithweller~DOT~plus~DOT~com
Weston on the Green (AB Signals) Branch
Branch Code: BR3517

1 Lanshaw Croft
Clifton Moor
YO30 4XP

Home: 01904 690515
Mobile: 07768 410218

E mail: ray.duffy1@ntlworld.com

30 August 2016

Dear Comrade,

As discussed at the Barnsley Meeting in May this year, it was decided to close our Branch if in the next 28 days there were no volunteers to fill current vacancies.

Unfortunately, there were no volunteers which means our Branch must now close.

I am in the process of submitting the various forms for closure to take place. Subscriptions for 2016/17 will be taken in October and so you have to make a decision now to do one of the following:

a Reapply for membership to your local branch.
b. Join St Jamesís Branch in London.
c. Cancel your membership in writing to Legion Headquarters, London.

I regret we have missed the cut off date for transferring membership (1 Aug), hence the need to reapply for membership at your new branch.

Yours sincerely

Ray Duffy
Branch Secretary
Thursday 1 September2016 - Canada

Gus Emery | kenemery~AT~btopenworld~DOT~com
Good luck with the bypass Ron. Too many tabs when you were a bairn. Looks like the old crew are attending
Wednesday 31 August2016 - Hampshire

Colin Bradbury | colinbradbury~AT~talktalk~DOT~net
Booked Caythorpe and hoping Lynne is well enough to make it!!
Wednesday 31 August2016 - Knaresborough, N.Yorks

RON HART | r~DOT~hart640~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
me but i am working on a byepass first so fingers crossed
Tuesday 30 August2016 - geordieland

Webmaster comments   Good Luck Ron

Brian Earl | bribety~AT~talktalk~DOT~net
Me as you know Chris.
Monday 29 August2016 - Ryton Tyne & Wear

Rex Couch | Rexcouch~AT~talktalk~DOT~net
I know of three that are going Chris, Me, Gus Emery and Pete Bibby
Monday 29 August2016 - Birmingham

Chris White | chris~DOT~debs~AT~hotmail~DOT~co~DOT~uk
How many are going to Caythorpe this year. Chris
Sunday 28 August2016 - Llanelly Hill

Barry Wilbor | Barrywilbor~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
So sorry to hear about Noel,one of the best. RI.P. mate
Friday 26 August2016 - Home, N.Yorks

Bob O'Hara | bobnmau~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Sorry to Hear that Noel has passed away. RIP.
Monday 22 August2016 - Lincoln

Rick Richards | erichards1~AT~sky~DOT~com
So sorry to hear that Noel has passed away RIP Noel
Friday 19 August2016 - Tamworth

Mick Granitza | m216granitza~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Sorry to hear the news of yet another brother. RIP Noel
Wednesday 17 August2016 - Scotland

Keith Weller | keith~AT~keithweller~DOT~plus~DOT~com
Weston-on-the-Green RBL Branch - As decided on the last British Legion Branch Meeting held at the last reunion the Airborne Signals Branch will close at the end of this period (31 Aug).

Members are requested to take action as follows:

a. Transfer their membership to St James's Branch in London

b. Cancel their membership by writing to the Headquarters in London

c. Contact their bank and cancel their Direct Debit

It is important you take action before 31 Aug otherwise you may find yourself out of pocket.

We regret having to close the branch but the current Committee have held their post for the past 12 years and there are no volunteers to take over these appointments.
Monday 15 August2016 - Worcestershire

Webmaster comments   This message will also appear on our RBL page.

Dave Jackson | davepjackson~AT~btopenworld~DOT~com
Very sad news to learn of the passing of Ebie and Noel Duff. Rest in piece airborne brothers.
Monday 15 August2016 - Aldershot

Norrie Clanachan | john~DOT~clanachan~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Sorry to hear that Noel Duff has passed away condolences to the family, RIP airborne brother
Sunday 14 August2016 - Coleraine Northern Ireland

Gus Hartley | gushartley~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Sorry to hear of the death of Paddy Duff, he and I were on the jump where we both got badly injured, a good man - RIP
Saturday 13 August2016 - Darwen

Larry cardwell | Davidcardwell399~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
Sad to have to pass on the news that Noel paddy Duff has passed away. R.I.P. Noel. Will post an update ASAP.
Saturday 13 August2016 - Longside. Aberdeenshire,

Mick Granitza | m216granitza~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Sad news of Ebie. He and Dick had a dram or two together each week. Ebie was one of the last few of the original Airborne Warriors. RIP brother
Saturday 6 August2016 - Scotland

Peter Whitehead | peter~DOT~whitehead48~AT~live~DOT~co~DOT~uk
Jimmy, Very sad news. I noticed that he was quite frail at Dick's funeral but nonetheless a very proud man and obviously very fond of Dick. Peter
Thursday 4 August2016 - Bredon, Worcestershire

Jimmy Campbell | jjc216~AT~talk21~DOT~com
Sad to report that our Airborne Signals buddy in Shetland died earlier this morning following infection complications. You will remember that Ebie proudly attended Dick's funeral and placed his Arnhem cap badge in Dick's coffin. RIP real airborne hero
Tuesday 2 August2016 - Burton on Trent

Simon Maylor | spearelectron-ecm~AT~yahoo~DOT~co~DOT~uk
Looking for Billy Jones [still], one time 216, later 264, Billy was from Liverpool, need to get int touch, have been looking for him for 10 years or so. Last see early 80s, have somthing I need to get to him.
Monday 25 July2016 - see above

Brian Earl | bribety~AT~talktalk~DOT~net
Had a great meet up with Tom Morell his wife,Roger Burrow and Saki Finer.
Sunday 24 July2016 - Ryton Tyne & Wear

Jimmy Campbell | jjc216~AT~talk21~DOT~com
In view of the response and the fact that the NMA is undergoing a major redevelopment, I am suggesting that we do not do the usual this year. Marg & I will obviously attend on the day to pay due respect to comrades. Appreciate any thoughts
Wednesday 20 July2016 - Burton

Brian Earl | bribety~AT~talktalk~DOT~net
A bit short notice but have just been in touch with Tom Morell and am meeting up with him in Lanchester DH7 0EX The Kings Head hotel if anyone who knows and would like to say hello and nearby drop in.He is there 21/22 July. I have a contact number for him if anyone wants it call or e mail me.
Wednesday 20 July2016 - Ryton Tyne & Wear

Stan Stanley | stan216~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
Jess just picked the news up, keep your chin up. My son in law has just had the same thing and is now recovering and doing well and is going back to work shortly. Di sends her best wishes.
Tuesday 12 July2016 - Hereford

Terry Brown | terryvivbrown~AT~virginmedia~DOT~com
Did not know Frank. R.I.P.
Monday 11 July2016 - Whitley Bay

Keith Weller | keith~AT~keithweller~DOT~plus~DOT~com
Update/Database - All the 216 watches are now sold.

Database - As I mentioned a couple of weeks back Ray is updating our database, if you feel your records may be out of date please let me know on keithweller@216parasigs.org.uk
Monday 11 July2016 - Worcestershire

Norman Horton | norman~DOT~horton3~AT~ntlworld~DOT~com
Never knew Frank, but sounds like he was a nice guy. RIP Airborne Soldier
Monday 11 July2016 - Darlington

Billy Haslam | billhaslam~AT~yahoo~DOT~co~DOT~uk
Life was never dull when Frank was about.
RIP buddy. Condolences to Julie and his family.
Sunday 10 July2016 - UK

Taff Finn | exparasig~AT~hotmail~DOT~co~DOT~uk
So sorry to hear about Frank, true airborne (even volunteered for a night jump for me). RIP ole buddy
Sunday 10 July2016 - Wrexham

RickyRichardson | george291~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
I think it has all been said, so sad to hear about Frank, proper Airborne, 'interesting' memories.RIP Brother
Sunday 10 July2016 - Peterborough

Mick Granitza | m216granitza~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Sad news about Frank. I remember when he arrived in the Sqn and when he came back years later to serve with the Pathfinders. RIP Frank.
Saturday 9 July2016 - Scotland

Norrie Clanachan | john~DOT~clanachan~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Sad to hear that Frank has passed away. R I P Frank
Friday 8 July2016 - Coleraine N Irland

Chris White | chris~DOT~debs~AT~hotmail~DOT~co~DOT~uk
Never knew or served with the guy but RIP AIRBORNE BROTHER. Chris
Thursday 7 July2016 - Llanelly Hill

Nic Organ | nic~DOT~organ~AT~c2ukltd~DOT~com
Great memories of Frank - RIP
Thursday 7 July2016

Gus Hartley | gushartley~AT~gmail~DOT~com
So sorry to hear about Frankie, I remember him well, a good man, sadly missed. Condolences to his family, Gus
Wednesday 6 July2016 - Darwen

Dave Jackson | davepjackson~AT~btopenworld~DOT~com
Really sorry to hear of the death of Franky Kurthausen. I remember him well when he first came to the squadron and later when Franky was with the path finders. Rest in peace airborne brother. Jacko
Wednesday 6 July2016 - Aldershot

Ray Duffy | Ray~DOT~duffy1~AT~nrlworld~DOT~com
So sorry to hear the sad news regarding Frank Kurthausen. RIP Brother.
Wednesday 6 July2016 - Yotk

Phil Kirk | philkirk~AT~me~DOT~com
Such bad news about Frank. A true airborne hooligan. Nice guy. Ace Operator. RIP Frank.
Wednesday 6 July2016 - Rustington

ian kendall | iankendall~AT~sky~DOT~com
another great airborne brother gone R.I.R.frank
Wednesday 6 July2016

Larry cardwell | Davidcardwell399~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
Sad to hear of the untimely death of Frank Kurthausen. R.I.P. Adolf.
Wednesday 6 July2016 - Longside Scotland

Dogsy Barker | dogsy216~AT~hotmail~DOT~co~DOT~uk
I hear with deep regret I have to inform the group of the death of Frank Kurthausen who passed away yesterday in his home in the USA. He leaves behind a wife and family I am sure that anyone who knew Posh will join with me in sending their condolences to them at this sad time.
Tuesday 5 July2016 - uk

Billy Irwin | tonymidge~AT~yahoo~DOT~cpoJ
Jess, my brother in law is going through the same s--t and doing well,best of luck mate all the lads are in your corner.
Saturday 2 July2016 - Southport

Bernie McDonough | bbgonebiking~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Jess, keep positive mate. You can beat this.
Friday 1 July2016 - Horsham West Sussex

Webmaster comments   For Sure

Dave Jackson | davepjackson~AT~btopenworld~DOT~com
Jess, hang in there mate. Routing for your speedy recovery. Jacko
Thursday 30 June2016 - Aldershot

Jimmy Campbell | jjc216~AT~talk21~DOT~com
Jess, Hang in there buddy. A pal of mine had same challenge only 12 months ago but is now right as rain. In the meantime we're all with you mate. Jimmy
Thursday 30 June2016 - Burton on Trent

Sid James | garybirgit~AT~hotmail~DOT~co~DOT~uk
With all the other good messages from the guys, thinking of you Jess. Keep positive!!
Thursday 30 June2016 - Cider Country

Terry Brown | terryvivbrown~AT~virginmedia~DOT~com
All the best Jess. Hope you get well soon.
Wednesday 29 June2016 - Whitley Bay

Mick Granitza | m216granitza~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Fight it Jess. My thoughts are with you. Mick
Wednesday 29 June2016 - Scotland

Dave Finer | davefiner216~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Fight it Jess Mate! Best of luck, thinking of you. Saki
Wednesday 29 June2016 - Hartleoool

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