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Brian Earl | bribety~AT~talktalk~DOT~net
I can't speak for anyone else but I for one check the OCA website every day.
Wednesday 4 May2016 - Ryton Tyne & Wear

Webmaster comments   Thanks Brian

Keith Weller | keith~AT~keithweller~DOT~plus~DOT~com
Minutes - The minutes of the OCA meeting held at our last reunion can now be found on the Newsletters page.

The agenda for the next OCA meeting is now on the Newsletters page. If you have any agenda items please contact Ray or via the website.
Wednesday 4 May2016 - Worcestershire

Terry Brown | terryvivbrown~AT~virginmedia~DOT~com
I am unable to help with your requests,but I do look at the guest book nearly every day, but there is'nt much activity on it. Wishing everybody well.
Tuesday 3 May2016 - Whitley Bay

Webmaster comments   Good to know you are out there Terry - thanks

Keith Weller | keith~AT~keithweller~DOT~plus~DOT~com
We appear to have received very little interest in filling the vacancies in our RBL branch and replacing Dick on the OCA committee. It prompts the following questions:-

1. Is it there is no interest in the RBL or maybe the website is not used as much as we would hope?

2. Craig is asking the question has our RBL branch just run its course.

3. I guess I should ask the same question regarding the website. The cost is increasing year by year and we are now spending nearly 200 a year on hosting and domain registration. We have no way of knowing how much it is used by you, the only register being the comments received on the Guestbook and the number of photos/articles received for publication. They have reduced dramatically over the last few years. So guys, besides the question posed above I would also like to ask you if you would like the website to continue. We were promoting the website as our primary means of communication but I think we need some positive feedback to confirm it is actually being used.

4. Although I am happy to look after the website for the foreseeable future it would be good to know if there is anyone who might be interested in picking up the reins.

We are grateful for your comments via the Guestbook or if you prefer direct to me on keithweller@216parasigs.org.uk

Many Thanks

Tuesday 3 May2016 - Worcestershire

Ray Duffy | ray~DOT~duffy1~AT~ntlworld~DOT~com
Further to my earlier message regarding the RBL Meeting at Barnsley. It has been decided to change it an OCA Meeting rather than RBL where we can consider the future of our RBL Branch and whether we have volunteers to take up the vacant posts. All matters put forward by members can be discusses to allow the Committee to take a view on them. The "no AOB" rule means that we will not consider any new issues raised from the floor of the meeting. All Committee members are happy to serve for another 2 years at this time but nominations for replacements can be made provided they are made, with a seconder before the meeting.
Tuesday 3 May2016 - York

Ray Duffy | ray~DOT~duffy1~AT~ntlworld~DOT~com
We will be holding a Legion Meeting at Barnsley this year. It will have to take place just before the evening meal on Saturday to ensure maximum attendance. I would request items for the Agenda please. Also we will be looking for volunteers to take up appointments within the Branch to replace myself as Secretary, John Aspinall as Treasurer and Craig as Chairman. It will be an important meeting as it will decide on the future of the Airborne Signals Branch. There will be no AOB.
Sunday 24 April2016 - York

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