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Cover of Squadron Christmas Card available during the early 60's

Greeting insert

One of the available photographs opposite the greeting insert

"Into a Leap Year"!

and for the year 1962..."While Sherherds Watched"

Available in more recent years


Bob O'Hara's Wedding 1975


Matt McCluskey + Lofty - Sports Day


Ash Ranges - Weapon Cleaning

Airborne Buddies

Blue Ridge Chapter 82nd (US) Airborne Division

Gage Town Air Strip - Canada


MT Troop on Parade



Comcen A.B.U. Lybia 1968 - Nobby Clarke


Weymouth 1969 - Hugh Smith, Andy Fox, Jim Harris, Maxi Williams


MT Outside the Billet

C42 Rebro site Lybia with the ABU in background


Lurgan N.I. Dave Moss, Ian Green, Don Milton



Roy Davis - 1962


Rifle Team Briefing


Brummy Green, Pete Pritchard and Ricky Doherty - Nicosia 1963


Al Janette, Jerry Oritt, Dave King, Bernie Thomas





Squadron - Libya 1968