216 Parachute Signal Squadron
16th Airborne Divisional Signal Regiment
[Middlesex Yeomanry] TA 1947 - 1955   

This Territorial Army Regiment is not directly concerned with the lineage of 6th Field Force HQ and Signal Squadron. It is, however, incorporated in these notes because it absorbed a considerable number of men who had at one time been members of 1st and 6th Airborne Divisional Signals.

Although the origins of the Regiment stem from 1797 when it was the Uxbridge Volunteer Cavalry, it was not until 1920 that it became associated with Royal Signals. The Regiment experienced a number of reorganisations and disbandments during the Second World War and, in January 1947, it reformed in London as an Airborne Divisional Signal Regiment in the post war Territorial Army order of battle. The Regimental title and role, however, changed again in 1955 on a further reorganisation of volunteer forces. It became the Middlesex Yeomanry Signal Regiment TA and dropped its parachute role although one parachute squadron was retained.