216 Parachute Signal Squadron
Squadron Trophies   

The Squadron possess a number of trophies which are awarded annually. The main trophies are as follows:

The Dennis Tankard.

Major A H Dennis commanded 216 Signal Squadron (Parachute Brigade Group) from 1963 to 1965. Major Dennis had also served in 16th Independent Parachute Brigade Group Signal Squadron from 1949-1952. On handing over command in July l965, Major Dennis presented to the Squadron a two handled pewter tankard to be awarded each year as the new Squadron Commander saw fit. It was decided to award the tankard to the best all round soldier. In 1968, however, it was decided to award the Dennis Tankard to the soldier who obtained the best course report during the previous twelve months. It is now awarded again to the best an round soldier of the rank of Corporal and below.
The following have won the tankard:

  • 1965 Corporal J P Francis
  • 1966 Corporal G T G Lintern ACC
  • 1967 Corporal J P McGovern
  • 1968 Corporal D Baikie
  • 1969 1973 Notawarded
  • 1974 Lance Corporal R O'Hara
  • 1975 Lance Corporal D J Faherty
  • 1976 Not awarded
  • 1977 Lance Corporal Morrissey
  • 1978 Signalman Horner
  • 1979 Corporal Fairbairn
  • 1980 Lance Corporal P J McElwee

The Bardies Cup.

In June 1964 a number of French echange au-pair officers were attached to 216 Signal Squadron (Parachute Brigade Group). Chef de Baitaillon J R Bardies was olne such officer. At the time he was Second in Command of 61 Bataillon de Transmissions Aeroporte, 11 Division at Bayonne in France. In commemoration of his stay with the unit, he presented a two handled silver trophy which is awarded annually to the best sportsman.
Ihe following have won the trophy:

  • 1965 Signalman W R M Cardwell
  • 1966 Signalman J F Mullen
  • 1967 Not awarded
  • 1968 Corporal J Newman
  • 1969 1973 Not awardcd
  • 1974 Lance Corporal L Cardwell
  • 1975 Signakman R J Kaye
  • 1976 Corporal Ardern and Lance Corporal Guy
  • 1977 Not awarded
  • 1978 Corporal Sandford
  • 1979 Sergeant Amphlett RAPC
  • 1980 Signalman F R Turmel

The Lanyard Trophy.

This trophy was instituted in 1979 by the unit and takes its name from the unique lanyard worn by the Royal Signals members of the Squadron. It is awarded to the team winning the 6th Field Force HQ and Signal Squadron annual 40 mile endurance march. The march, which is undertaken by every fit man in the Squadron, is open to units by invitation. The winning team consists of the first team of four men from the same minor unit or sub unit of a major unit to cross the finishing line. Each man must carry a military load of not less than 30 lbs and a rifle. The inaugural race took place on 17-18 July 1979 along the South Downs Way (GR 790182 to GR 258110). The winning team was from 6th Field Force HQ and Signal Squadron in an average time of 12 hours 5 minutes. The individual winner was Sergeant Temmen of 249 Signal Squadron (AMF)(L) in a time of 9 hours 33 minutes.

The Turner Military Trophy.

Major (QM) J G Turner MBE was Administrative Officer of 216 Parachute Signal Squadron 1974 - 1977 and Quartermaster of 6th Field Force HQ and Signal Squadron 1977 - 1979. Major Turner had also served in 6th Airborne Divisional Signal Regiment 1946 - 1948, 16th Independent Parachute Brigade Group Signal Squadron 1956 - 1959 and 216 Signal Squadron (Parachute Brigade Group) 1959 - 1964. On leaving the Squadron in September 1979, Major Turner presented to the unit a statue of a crouching soldier to be awarded each year for a specific military activity as the Squadron Commander saw fit. It has been decided that the trophy will be awarded to the winners of the annual Squadron Patrol Competition. The first competition between Troop teams each of 10 men and led by a Corporal, was held on the training areas around Aldershot on 29 - 30 August 1979. The winning team was MT Troop led by Corporal Blackmore RCT.