216 Parachute Signal Squadron
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John Angus, John Tovey, Vic Kelly draw and fit.  Scouse McKee in the background


Ray (Taff) Duffy & Gus Hartley at Alberta with American Buffalo aircraft - 1973

Parachuting Jim Turner 

Jim Turner looking particularly brave - Hankley

"Knacker Cracker"

The Knacker Cracker - an item of torture of No 1 PTS, Abingdon and certainly not missed by anyone!

Robbie Laing & Ray (Taff) Duffy 1967

Dick Hamilton, Steve Marshall, George Devine & Craig Treeby await recovery on Everleigh.  Doug Baikie in the foreground

Squadron on Hankley circa 1966

Jim McGovern with a problem over Cyprus

Parachuting 2000 style


Remember this?