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1975 - The Squadron jumping sim 7s, just before doors open and action stations.  Lt Gordon Shipley to be No 1 in next stick considers his options!


Same descent, doors now open - note the baffle plate extended just forward of the C130 door.  SSgt Dick Hamilton No1, Yorkie Coates No2

Dick Hamilton struggling with his 'chute on Lairg DZ 1970


Dick Hamilton looking particularly happy with life following a fast landing in high winds and into a thorn bush on Ayios Nikolias DZ, Cyprus 1972

April 1976 Hankley Common.  The last 10 members of the original Squadron to earn para pay as they jumped

Ladies Mile - Cyprus 1963 - Problems

A young Chris White - Cyprus 1964


Dawn - Bde Drop - Lybia 1968


DZ Control - Lybia 1968


Parachuting from Hasting TG602, early 50's