216 Parachute Signal Squadron
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Farewell to Robbie Laing

Two Taffs

Eric Rose - Brian Earl - Dave Kennington - Pete Thornton - Roger Burrow

Singapore - Hugh Smith and his detachment

After the Log Race





Pam & Sammy's Wedding - 1960

L - R QA Friend, Query, Sue Prior, Query, Query, Betty Crooks, Jack Crooks - Where are you now Jack & Betty, Pam would love to hear from you.




Alan, Keith and Tolly (Bob's dog)


Ray & Chris by the Victory


Canada late 60's - Bernie Thomas, Jinx Jenkins & Dave King


Combat 2006 Style - 216 in action, Nowzad 2006


First day - spot any new faces


Follow the Leader


Could this be Pete Thorton

Yas Island - Bahrain

Heavy Drop - Bahrain


Mini Reunion - Ralph Porter, Ted Dudding, Ray Duffy, Dave Fox


The boys at the Hawthorne Memorial


Oosterbeek Airborne Cemetery

Hankley DZ Control - Chris White



Outside the Education Block - mid 60's


Alan and Tolly


Some members of the El Gamil Team - Operation Musketeer, November 1956

L-R Chris Davidson, Brian lackmore, Dickie Hudd, Wally Dinsdale, Dave Ramsey and Tony Blake (centre)


Life in Spain - Connie Francis & Billy Erwin taking morning Tea


Scottish Highlands late 60's - Dave King, Gus Hartley, John Griffin, Ian Green plus unknow SAS guy


Brian Earl & Wee Mac - Good looking guys for their age


Valley Route


Ex Holdfast  59/60


Wee Mac + Pete Thornton December 2008 - see same above





Ralph at mametz Memorial


The Airborne Pub

Somewhere in the UK - Gus Emery - Chris White


Lakeland Walk - Wee Mac & Alan Hogg

Another Summit - Keith, Alan & Wee Mac


Alan and Bob on the way up



Aldershot 1959 - Pete Hay,Neil MacDonald, Brummy Wyton, Frank Gallagher, John Christie



Remember Sid James - Look good for your age Sid


Suez Boys taken by Davie Graham at this Armistice Day Parade 2007


Weston-on-the-Green Standard


Snow Line

Ian & Dave - Welch Memorial Mametz Wood


Dave + Ian at Vimy Ridge


Tom Morell being presented with the Pinjat Jasa medal



Boys on the lawn of the Chateau


Brain & Eric - Arnhem June 2011


A Porter visits the Falklands

Operational Jump - Borneo 1964 - Chris White 3rd on the left

Summit - Keith, Wee Mac & Alan

Second trip - follow the path down


Ray Walton, Chris White and Partners


Penhale 1960 - Ron Gee, L/Cpl Wilbur, Neil MacDonald, Frank Gallagher & Ray Tizzard



Lakes Oct - Chris White (rear), Wee Mac, Sid, Bob Griff and Alan


Airborne Signals Tree - National Memorial Arboretum


Ray Duffy,RSM, Dave Fox, OC and Craig Treeby


New faces and they signed up for the next

Ten Tree Ally at Sun-Down


Ian + Dave at the Devons Marsell Corp

Tom with daughter Olivia


Chavasse 2 x VC's


A Bridge Too Far

Bob (Geordie) Griffiths - Dough Baikie & Roger Burrows in the rear


Wee Mac on the way up


The Hotel - Alan, Keith, Raphie and Bob


Ray looking at the NZ war graves



Caythorpe 2007



Lakes Oct - Same gang with a welcome to Sid's wife Bee



Airborne Signals Plaque - NMA


Members of the Squadron and Old Timers look on


On Top


Early morning over Derwent Water



Jimmy Campbell on a A14- late 60's

Tom with eldest son Louis


The guys at Rod Cunningham's Funeral




Grave of unknown Airborne

R. Signals Soldier