216 Parachute Signal Squadron
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September 1968

January 1971

December 1975

Malaysia June/July 1968 - Dave Davies, Brummy Bolas, Scouse Pollard, Frankie Vaughan, Ian Campbell, Ken Rogers.  middle row - Pete Rennison, Phil Rumsay, Ralph Smith (27), Al Jeanette, Glynn Grace, Maxie Williams.  front row - Pete Holmes, Joe Baker, Phil Smith (55), Hugh Smith, Bob (geordie) Griffiths, Ray (Paddy) Cardwell.

The Squadron marches past - 1961.  Morris Flynn in command, lts Willcox and Collins in front.  Ivor Wells first man front rank - to the left of the Para Regt marker.

Boxing Team 1976 - WO1 (FOS) Dave Harvey & Sgt John Smith in charge



Bill Braniff + Ron Reid

Malta Bks

1963 Squadron Photograph






Braniff + Jock Paxton - Aquba 1953

Gunfire Team Bahrain - early 60s.  Bob Hutchings, Phil Stallard and Dougie Wright with Brian (geordie) Earl sitting


David Scott + Spud Taylor

P Company 1962
Chalky White, Phil Stallard and Noddy Erwin



Henry John Paul

P Company 1962 - Chris White front row, first right



L - R Lt Robertson, Sig Sharp, Bob Blow, Spud Taylor and Cpl Busty Wilde


John Henry Paul, Bill Braniff + Lcpl Ridge at El Ballah