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Pat Spicer (Mrs S to us all) and Una Turner - Scotch Corner 2004


Matt McBirney

and Pete Thornton Singapore circa early '70s

Reunion 2006 - Ralph receiving his Lifetime membership to the RSA from Phil Stallard and Steve Marshall

Messrs Munro, Watkiss, Kelly and Sammy


Mrs & Mrs Bibby (we didn't win the lottery)


Mrs Giles & Ian Campbell, not sure the context of the conversation but Ian looks worried !!!

Serious conversation - Ralph and Steve at the bar - Well done guys

Chalky Lloyd


Steve & Sammy (looking worried)

Eric Rose and Brian Earl with ladies - Scotch Corner 2004



Rita Thornton, whilst visiting relatives in the UK decided that, after all these years (and tales) it was time that she finally got to meet Matt!

Reunion 2006 - Glenn Bartliff, John O'Rourke and Jimmy Flockhart sharing a joke


Carol Duffy wondering if she really baby sat for Lance Marshall

Frank, Liz, Mrs Bibby and Dianne Mandy


Ian Campbell & Geordie again !!



Jake, Connie and Dennis


Eric Rose & ..........


Eric Rose & Brian Earl

Jimmy Campbell, Mick Nash and Dick Hamilton



2006 Reunion - Jake Mateyawa, our man from Fiji - Well done Jake

Reunion 2006 - Jake, Sammy and Alan Hogg



Ian Dudding jokes with Dave Fox


Geordie Wilson....well Geordie being Geordie


John Duffy (nice to see you back John) & Geordie Wilson



Ralphie Smith making his way from the bar.


Dave Fox & Ray Duffy


Serious Pint

John Bailey with Tony Willcox to his rear right - Scotch Corner 2004


2006 Reunion - Sammy (the birthday boy) making his entrance


Reunion 2006 - Sammy's Cake



Jimmy Flockhart & Deanna Maddison


Jake Wade


John Griffin's welcome address



Ginge Whittick - Like the specs Ginge


Neil McDonald, Tom Moorhouse with Jake Wade in the rear


Happy Again

with the ladies - from the left; Brummy Dove, Brian Earl, Rex Couch, Ron Hart and Gus Emery - Scotch Corner 2004


2006 Reunion - Sammy receiving his birthday card from Noddy Irwin with Steve Marshall in the rear

Reunion 2006 - Sammy with his card from "My Boys"


Messrs Moorehouse, Christie, MacDonald, Bibby and Emery

Bob Mills & Pal


Midge & Noddy Irwin




Dave Vaughan in a pensive mode


John, Jack, Jake and Geordie


Steve Whittick & Geordie Wilson